"Our commitment is to do what we say, deliver our efforts on time
and to be available and responsive any time you reach out to us."


Build-to Suits

NexTower’s commitment is to provide Build-to-Suit services, from site acquisition through final CO. Our extensive network of service providers enable us to provide timely project milestones and achieve success even when pursuing hard-to-get sites. Our team of select site acquisition, legal, surveying, FAA, A&E, environmental, zoning, tower manufacturers, general contractors and overseeing administrative staff provide experience covering thousands of wireless tower projects.

NexTower exudes a personalized approach and not only provides the service our clients demand, but does so making the experience of dealing with our team reliable and pleasurable.

Site Specific New Tower Development

While Build-to-Suits are the preferred technique by which we develop a new site, our experience has enabled us to forecast ideal sites based on our internal investigation and interpretation of sites that can answer coverage, call capacity, fiber capacity and unique geographic demands. Every day we are considering a new possible site for its suitability for one of our clients, often times years in advance of a client’s RF plan or budget.


NexTower leases its existing towers, tower projects under development and forecasted sites internally. Our staff is committed to fast response to our clients’ real estate and collocation and leasing staff requirements. We work with client MLA’s in order to make the process easier and more manageable for both parties. Our lease agreements and tower lease rates are industry competitive with special notice taken to prevent client angst regarding future equipment changes, additions and modifications.

Tower Acquisitions

NexTower is interested in acquiring existing towers with current and potential cash flow opportunities. Whether the structure is a cell tower, state and local government tower or broadcasting tower, we are interested in reviewing due diligence to determine our direction of pursuit.

Marketing Properties for Wireless Towers

NexTower’s management has extensive relationships with large property owners, both regionally and nationally. While many companies market properties for potential tower development, our company does so from the perspective of the client’s point of view. We conduct a preliminary zoning and environmental review to make a potential property have a higher likelihood of being a viable candidate in the event a client determines that a specific location we are marketing would work for their RF needs.