Tower development is our primary focus; however, NexTower can assist property owners who are interested in cell towers on their properties in several ways:

  • Option your property and market to carriers for potential colocation and NexTower to develop a tower there.
  • Purchase an existing ground lease on a property already having a cell tower ground lease on your property.
  • Purchase an¬†existing tower owned by a landowner.

While building towers is our focus, there are various ways we can assist you as a property owner. If you already have a ground lease, we can discuss NexTower purchasing the remainder of your lease. However, we can also assist with renegotiating a current ground lease to help you get the most value out of your asset. Most ground leases that have less than 20 years left, can be successfully renegotiated.

Should you be interested in having a tower built on a property you own, please contact us to begin a conversation and discuss the possibility and needs of the carriers in your area.

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