We focus solely on tower development and doing so allows us to develop genuine relationships with our land lessors, tenant carriers, municipal personnel, and zoning review boards. In fact, our zoning percentage for approvals is over 90% throughout the last 25 years.

We maintain consistency and efficiency for your zoning process because we know and understand all aspects of the development process: from site acquisition to CO. We have used the same zoning attorneys for the last 20 years who are experienced in land use and towers.

Build-to-Suit Program

If you’re searching for a tower built specifically for your needs, you can trust the experts at NexTower. With over 60 years’ of experience in tower development, our team of vendors, subcontractors, attorneys, and consultants can tackle any Build-to-Suit opportunity with professionalism and quality. Coupled with our financial partner, Peppertree Capital, we have the ability to pursue and deliver any BTS opportunity, regardless of size.

We have proven experience in forecasting the need for carrier coverage in a given area, but a build-to-suit tower with a search ring is preferable. Equipped with a given search area, we can get your signal on the air more quickly and move straight into site acquisition.

If you’re ready to move forward with a Build-to-Suit tower, let us partner with you. NexTower has over 60 years’ experience in the tower development arena.


Site Specific Development

The NexTower team has deep relationships in the Southeast with several large property owners. For over 25 years, we have partnered with landowners, business owners, land developers, and contacts that help us identify and hone in on non-BTS site development opportunities. We are very familiar with regional trends, development opportunities and knowledge of the local market. Most of all, we are accessible and respond to every potential tower development opportunity we discover.

Our upper management having been entrenched regionally in the tower business prior to the Telecom Act of 1996 that spawned the industry expansion and growth, has a recurring clientele of landowners, business owners, land developers and contacts that we rely on for our non-BTS site development opportunities.


Tower Acquisitions

NexTower buys existing towers based on current industry multiples of cash flow. Our funding has the ability to buy single towers or tower portfolios, assuming the returns look attractive. We have staff and subcontractors that can accommodate the massive due diligence review process that is indicative of tower purchases. Most of all, our CEO makes the personal, face-to-face negotiations, so reaching an agreement is quick and to the point. Funding decisions are quick and decisive for such acquisitions, and our closings are complete and concise.

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